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Whether you need an article, blog, or a white paper to establish yourself as an industry leader or you’re looking for engaging, visual imagery to tell your brand’s story – you’ve landed in the right place!

Since you’re here, you know the power, as well as the necessity, of having a solid content marketing strategy.

But you…

  • Haven’t a clue what you really need or how to do it
  • Struggle in developing a game plan that won’t suck you dry financially or emotionally
  • Wish there was an easy solution to get you where you need to be in the virtual world

You want to capitalize on digital marketing in order to have a BIGGER impact and bring in more sales!

I get it.  I’ve walked in your shoes.

My name is Beverly Santini and I’m obsessed with irresistible copy that draws customers into your space and videos that move your audience to take the next step.

How did I get here?

After working with numerous so-called “expert” copywriters, I was frustrated by their lack of copywriting skills.  It occurred to me that my writing was equal to, if not better than, what I was spending good money on.  Can you relate to my experience?  Yep…I thought so!

Simply put, I decided to write my own copy.  Since 2012, we have embraced writing white papers, blogs, articles, and newsletters for various customers across the country.  Like everyone else who wants to ride the wave to success, we jumped on the video marketing trend a few years ago.  Good stories humanize your brand!  We love being part of the storytelling process whether in written word, marketing video, or both!

The Big Question – Who is Philip Craig?

I’ve been asked this question many times.  The truth is that Philip Craig is not one person, it is two.  My dad’s name was Philip.  He was a wonderful father who sadly passed away in 1980.  Craig was my dearest friend growing up.  He was such an extraordinary person with a smile that melted your heart.  He died in a tragic car accident just 5 months before Daddy.  This is my way of honoring these two exceptional men.

I hope you’ll look around!  Thanks so much for checking us out!


Bev Santini


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