Case Study: Transforming Honor Flight Tallahassee’s Website

The Problem

As with many non-profit organizations, HFT’s original website was thrown together as an afterthought to getting their hub off the ground. In fact, a Board member bravely offered to design something just so they would have an online presence. Admirable for sure but she would be the first to tell you “I designed it while sitting at my kitchen table with a friend. I am not a web designer.”

The design was dated, had navigational issues, and did not render well on various devices. Furthermore, it looked like so many of the other Honor Flight websites; swallowed up in a sea of mediocrity.

The Solution

The Philip Craig Group designed a website that is uniquely different from the other Honor Flight hubs. We wanted to provide a sentimental journey that captured the days of World War II as well as the Korean & Vietnam wars. The idea was to evoke nostalgia-as if you stumbled upon your relative’s shoe box filled with memorabilia from their time in the service.

With this in mind, we incorporated font styles, images, and icons that were used during those eras. We applied sepia tones to photographs, designed service patches for the different participant categories, made online donations easier to execute, and coded the site so that it would look good on any device…desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

The Result

Honor Flight Tallahassee’s website now ranks #2 on Google’s Search Engine Results Page; just behind Honor Flight’s national headquarters. Utilizing SEO techniques and keywords throughout the copy helped drive the ranking from the back of the pack of the 100+ hubs to page one. Honor Flight Tallahassee now has a premier website which they believe truly honors the veterans who gave so much.

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